Type of Memberships:

  • Individual
  • Double
  • Family (3-5 members)

Length of Memberships:

  • 3 month memberships
  • 6 moth memberships
  • Annual membership
  • Month to month memberships

Discounted memberships are available for senior citizens, physical therapy patients, and Crittenton employees

FREE fitness orientation for each new member!

  • A one-hour appointment with a kinesiologist, which includes an introduction to the facility and all exercise equipment.
  • A kinesiologist will adjust the equipment to your individual needs and teach you how to properly use the equipment.

FREE blood pressure readings!

  • Members are eligible for a free blood pressure reading when they come to the facility.

Movestrong™ Perks

Members will be given the opportunity to have one guest each month utilize the facility.

Movestrong Referral Program

Members will receive an additional month, at no cost, added to their membership plan when an individual purchases a membership from the member’s referral.

Wellness Programs

Complete Wellness will motivate and teach you how to increase and improve your current level of physical activity and at the same time assess dietary habits.

Have you struggled with weight loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes? Movestrong™ is dedicated to helping you achieve complete wellness.

  • Two personalized exercise programs
  • Pre and post physical fitness assessment
  • Four individual exercise sessions with a Kinesiologist
  • 36 supervised exercise sessions
  • Seven nutritional consultations

It is not easy maintaining a healthy lifestyle on your own, so let Movestrong™ help you achieve your individual goals.


Bridging the Gap is designed to transition patients from physical therapy to more vigorous activity through a personalized exercise program.

  • Two individual exercise programs created by a Kinesiologist
  • Four individual exercise sessions with a Kinesiologist
  • Post physical fitness assessment
  • 36 supervised exercise sessions


Bodies in Motion allows discharged patients to continue strengthening the affected joint under the supervision of a Kinesiologist while incorporating exercises that strengthen the unaffected joint.

Bodies in Motion was designed to motivate you to be more physically active, every day, in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Short-term + long-term programs available
  • Pre and post physical fitness assessments
  • Exercise programs designed to fit an individual’s needs
  • Individual exercise sessions with a Kinesiologist
  • 36-73 supervised exercise sessions
  • It’s a law of physics that a body in motion will stay in motion, so let Bodies in Motion at Movestrong™ help you live a healthier life by staying active!
Personal Training

There’s no better way to make your exercise routine more exciting and effective than by hiring a Movestrong™ personal trainer, who are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.  Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through your personalized exercise program. Movestrong’s medical-based background allows our trainers to work with all ages and fitness levels.

We offer body composition tests and physical fitness assessments as well as a special Jump Start Package to get motivated and back into an exercise routine. The package includes a physical assessment and 2 one-hour sessions with a personal trainer.

Nutritional Consultations

A 30-minute customized nutritional consultation with a certified trainer. Our nutritional visits are intended to teach individuals how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. All consultations are customized to accommodate anyone’s busy lifestyle. It is our intention at WEmovestrong to teach people how to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

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